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Bob Tanner


Especially CHENY, off the hook.
So who thinks LIBBY'S destination
Is jail, although he's proved a crook?
Will W grant him a pardon?
You bet your ass; or he'll need guardn'
Until his dying day draws near.
Unless they make him disappear
Because they think he might consider,
If he were left to rot in jail,
The driving of another nail
In CHENEY'S ass, an orn'ry critter
Who shot a friend in his patoot.
So, I think libby's bound to SCOOT.

Larry Nelson

Attn: Jack Huberman,

I'm enjoying reading your book "101 People Who Are Really Screwing America." I find the book to be enlightning and humorous. However, you forget mention doctors and hospitals who are screwing America - "medical-indusrtrial complex."
Close to 100,000 people die each year in this country due to medical errors.
Both as a patient and a former employee of the health care systen; I have firsthand knowledge of how health care works (or doesn't works) in America.
Doctors order many tests and unnecessary medical procedures. Physicians never challenge other physicians. There is too much adminstrative waste in hospitals; and endless paperwork in processing medical claims and information.
The media covers the war in Iraq and terrorism, but health care reform should be number one priority.

Cameron Reilly

Jack, I'm enjoying TQA very much and would like to request a podcast interview with you.

I'm the CEO of The Podcast Network. We're a media company based in Australia with an audience of about 500,000 people, mostly in the US and Australia.

I do a show called "G'Day World" which covers subject related to critical thinking and atheism quite often. If you have any interest, please let me know via email.

many thanks again for the book,

Cameron Reilly
CEO, The Podcast Network (www.thepodcastnetwork.com) &
Host of Australia's #1 podcast G'Day World (www.gdayworld.com)

Irv Lawrence

I was reading your entry on Rev. Moon and the Unification Church in your "101 Screwers" book, and thought you should have added that the Unif. Church is the big backer of the major Intelligent Design lobby group, known as the Discovery Institute. Why would Rev. Moon and his backers support "Intelligent Design"? Well, the real backing of Rev. Moon comes from a clique of Japanese and Korean industrialists, and anything that undermines American science works to the advantage of our rival Asian nations. So Moon just want to help the Japanese industrial rivals of the U.S. undermine American science. You can be sure that there is no anti-stem-cell, anti-evolution movement in Japan or Korea supported by these people.

Ron from Tampa


Thanks to you, I'm feeling sick. I'm in the middle of reading "Bushit!!", and not a page goes by where I don't shake my head in utter disbelief. This is kind of like knowing your house has been destroyed in a tornado, but now you're actually on your property, inspecting the details of the damage. What the "Bushies" have done to this country is beyond pathetic.

By the way...in the book you mention that the CO2 levels in the earth's atmosphere is the highest in 400,000 years, and possibly the last 20 million. I'm sure many Bush supporters will disagree with you on that fact. Not so much about the amount of carbon dioxide, but rather on the age of the earth. I wonder how many of them believe this planet is only something like 6000 years old?

Tad Woo


Started reading your book 101 People Who....

A question: on the opening page you write that it is conservative bias that prevails. Why do we as liberals need to pretend that there is no bias. Of course we are biased towards our positions. Personally, I think we need to be more honest and not cry out "bias" towards conservatives, but rather stand behind our "liberal" truths. We have nothing to fear. What say you?


Mr. Dart

For years a tiny, angry man was ignored. Then his made-up quotes caused material damage. Now, he has much to answer for... as others are sued for using his fiction as fact.


Hi Jack,

With all these folks calling you a liar I would think that you would want to provide sources for those disputed Limbaugh quotes. So, why haven't you?


Redneck liberal

Sir, just got on here to ask the same question. If the Limbaugh quote is bogus, oh well. But not providing sources if it's legit is just screwing us up trying to argue with the wingnuts. We need the info!


damn screw bush and chaney's reputation they don't deserve any respect for what they did to this country

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