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Mike Lautermilch

Man, it just goes to show how little I, and I suspect most everybody, know about history. Who the hell is Millard Fillmore...or John Tyler...or William Harrison? And what are the horrid deeds they are guilty of and for which they earned being put in the "one of the worst" category? Jacques Barzun said one of the fundamental purposes of education is the removal of ignorance from the student's mind. By that standard, and considering my complete lack of familiarity with not just the stories but even the NAMES of these presidential losers, my education has been a failure.

linda finch

i am in yr 8 and in my first yr of high school i am pretty dum an di have a projet on the the huns from the middle ages do u think u can give me some advise

linda finch

and if you could help thank you so much


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