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Peter Morris

Re: Saving our Secular America

Some ideas:
1) Promote "monotheism without scripture"

Our infinite creator is real. Jehovah, Jesus and Allah are concepts from scripture.

Scripture may provide some useful ideas but it also contains bigotry, that clearly does not come from an infinite Creator, so lets dump it.

2) Promote pantheism as a naturalistic religion
World Pantheism

3) Promote reasonable forms of Buddhism, Taoism and other religions.

Best regards,
Peter Morris


Dear Jack,
This may not be the best place to post this, but it's hard finding contact info for you! I love your "Quotable Atheist." My only major disappointment is that there is no index of subjects. As difficult as I can imagine it would be to create one, I think it would be extremely helpful to aid in finding that perfect quote that's needed, the RIGHT ammunitation for a specific situation.

Thanks for your time!


Keith Sewell

Sorry. Only way I could find to post to you.

I have just finished reading, and thoroughly enjoying, your recent book ‘The Quotable Atheist’. My suspicion, from many of your editorial comments to the quotes, is that your own view is beyond mere atheism, and tending more towards the radical position espoused by people like Chris Hitchens, and myself, as ‘antitheism’.

If this is so then I would ask for your help in the advancement of our common cause. I have written something in regard to which I seem to be unable to obtain any meaningful feedback. It is profoundly antitheistic. So much so, I am beginning to fear, that it makes even those in our own camp uncomfortable. I would be very honored if you would take a look at it. Let’s say, at the first few pages, down as far as ‘Point #3’. If you are not hooked by then, then there will be no point in trudging further.

The essay can be found at http://scimystic.livejournal.com

If you do look then I would be very grateful for any feedback that you might be able to provide in regard to it. Either to content, or to presentation.

Thanks in any case for reading this. And more power to your pen in the battle that we are now fighting.

Best regards,

Keith Sewell


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