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Charles Scott

Mr. Huberman--I really enjoyed your book, but thought you were far too nice to the 101 jackels you wrote about. I have an idea that I hope you will pass along to the Democratic leadership. My wife and I are retired and living on a fixed income, but occasionally donate money to Democratic candidates. Our generosity is rewarded by an avalanche of additional letters asking for more money that we can't afford and will not send. Here is the idea. The Democrats should publish a monthly magazine for political junkies like me who contribute to Democratic causes and candidates. The magazine would explain issues and ridicule conservative dingbats, as you did so well in your book. It should have lots of political cartoons. The size and format of The Week is a good example of how it might look. It would be a counter to the right wing media like Fox Network and Rush Limbaugh. Advertising could pay the cost of producing it. (Do I really think businesses would advertise in such a magazine? Well yes, maybe.) If such a magazine is well done, individuals like my wife and me might donate a little more. Please let me know what you think of the idea.


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George E. Schzta

Please be kinder to the term "agnostic." It is Not a matter of indecision, it is only because I believe "Certainty" is the ultimate obscenity: the "reason" some invent to justify killing other humans. So,
although I'm totally atheistic, I moderate that designation only for that rationale: science and nature reveals wonders beyond human comprehension, so maybe its a rational modesty. (Thanks for your very accurate and needed book). ges


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