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Roberta Kelly

"To love God you must love the two things closest to God's heart ~

change and a joke"

Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen, after contracting syphilis which she lived to tell about and her dearest desire to birth children was what she gave up but this saying is her gift back.


"And when I awakened I did not know if I was Chuang Tzu dreaming I was a butterfly or if I was a butterfly dreaming I am Chuang Tzu."

"Chuang Tzu, Genius of the Absurd."

"The twelfth century Confucian Chu Hsi said: `Lao Tzu still wanted to do something, but Chuang Tzu did not want to do anything at all. He even said that he knew what to do, but just did not want to do it."

So does this mean we are finally arriving at anthropocosmic or are we pantheism, scientific pantheism, or a butterfly?

Have fun just being human because it's such a rare moment these days.


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Female vocal groups began to produce songs that mixed Doo-wop harmonies with Rhythm and Blues music. There's not a single weak track among all that work, and there's simply no question that they consistently broke new ground musically. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.


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Это самый новый, разработанный в СНГ, горнолыжный тренажер для закрытых помещений и открытых мест. Для тренировок используются настоящие лыжи и сноуборды.
Тренажер Gornostay может размещаться в торгово-развлекательных центрах, спортивных и горнолыжных клубах, в курортных зонах и парках.
Жду ваших отзывов.


I've found a hidden free coupon to get free car charger.
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From CouponMania.


Espionage photos of new model Nokia N200 here:
It not a deceit?

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