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Hounds Rye

Hello Jackson,

A friend of yours from the 80's calling. Wanted to say 'hi' and that I'm enjoying watching your writing springing up all over the place. No cartooning to go along with the words???


Pedro  Vieira

Mr. Huberman,
First, I wanted to thank you for your book "...really screwing Ameirca". At times I believe the book is marred by some left wing rhetoric. And, I don't entirely agree with some on your list. However, unlike Mr. Goldberg's book, I admire the way to stick to real issues and facts in support your arguements. In addition I just wanted to copy you on a post I made on Bernard Goldberg's site.
"I recently had the opportunity to review both yours and Mr. Huberman's similarly titled book. I must confess that I was ignorant of most of the topics in these books and of both your career endeavors. In addition, I would like to preface by saying that I tend to lean left on most political issues. I gave both books a fair chance but it seems to me that yours tends more towards irrelevance. You make some very strong statements and accusations but too often your conclusions are based on personal bias and information drawn from empirical generalization. You are most critical of people for their examples of moral turpitude, yet fail to make a convincing argument on how poor behavior by some translates into the mass degradation of public morality. In all fairness, this is a difficult index to measure. I understand the book is intended in many ways to be political satire but unfortunately it lends support to the popular political debate in this country which too often falls into the trap of bipartisan rhetoric. I can't tell anymore who is bullshitting because the practice of it is no longer akin to lying but sits closer to truth telling on the integrity scale. I do know that willingly drawing attention away from facts and issues that should concern all Americans is in my opinion what is really screwing up Americans. After reading your book I am no less convinced that the vast majority of right leaning pundits and politicians are far more concerned with controlling the behavior of the average citizen than they are in improving the habitat of all, so people can behave as they see fit. After all this my question is the following: Considering the unscrupulous pursuit of special interests by so many political and corporate groups, who in the modern day era have far more reach and power, do you truly believe the people on your list are the ones responsible for screwing up America?"

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